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2022 Sermons


Click on the Audio Play button below, to listen to Pastor Beth's sermon from our 9 pm Christmas Eve Service and Deacon Karen Burke Lewis's sermon from Christmas Day, 2022.

Previous sermons also avaiable by clicking on the audio play button for the date of sermon you'd like to listen to.  


If you would like to comment or have a conversation about this sermon, you can reply to this email or email Pastor Beth at

Sermon 12-24-22 9 pm
KBL Sermon 12-25-22

Previous sermons from 2022 are below

To listen to Sermons from 2021 click here:

Below are the weekly sermons for 2022.  Click on the arrow to listen to the sermon via audio.

To start a dialogue with Pastor Beth, please call 908-766-0602 or email:




Sermon 1-2-22
Sermon 1-9-22
Sermon 1-16-22
Sermon 1-23-22
Sermon 1-30-22


Sermon 2-6-22
Sermon 2-13-22
Sermon 2-20-22
Sermon 2-27-22
Sermon 5-1-22
Sermon 5–15-22
Sermon 5-22-22


Sermon 6-5-22
Sermon 6-12-22
Sermon 6-14-22 Danielle’s ordination
Sermon 6-19-22
Sermon 6-26-22
Sermon 9-4-22 So Jung’s ordination
Sermon 9-11-22
Sermon 9-18-22
Sermon 9-25-22


Sermon 10-2-22
Sermon 10-9-22
Sermon 10-16-22
Sermon 10-23-22
Sermon 10-30-22


Sermon 3-6-22
Sermon 3-13-22
Sermon 3-20-22


Sermon 7-10-22
Sermon 7-17-22


Sermon 11-6-22
Sermon 11-13-22
Sermon 11-20-22
Sermon 3-27-22


Sermon 4-3-22
Sermon 4-10-22
Sermon 4-14-22 MT
Sermon 4-15-22 GF
Sermon 4-17-22 11 am


Sermon 8-15-22
Sermon 8-21-22
Sermon 8-28-22


Sermon 12-4-22
Sermon 12-11-22
Sermon 12-18-22
Sermon 12-24-22 9 pm
KBL Sermon 12-25-22
Sermon 4-24-22
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*Hours can differ from what is stated above.  To contact the office call the office number or office email, found above.

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